I started out in electronics but soon realised the future lay in software.

Being able to control the hardware via software seems to offer unlimited opportunities and maybe a career that would be around for some time.

I was offered a software training course during my time in the Royal Air Force and jumped at the chance. I was studying software and electronics design at college so the chance to add software to the mix was irresistible.

After a few years I left the RAF and worked in a startup designing software written in C for the home PC (Commodore, Atari, BBC, Lynx to name a few).

I then moved up (down?) working for various banks here in London and in Zurich. I found I could solve problems, bring runaway projects under control and develop quality software that businesses would willingly pay for. After I left banking I found endless variety in free-lancing my services.

Given a choice, working on greenfield projects where you have a free hand to design, develop and deliver great solutions is my preferred state although a close second is the challenge of tackling "impossible" problems and bringing home projects that others have dismissed as lost causes. 

I have been fortunate to work with some great people and teams over the years from small startups to huge banks, MOD, public safety, government agencies and businesses across all areas.

I am currently delving into Blazor, the latest technology from Microsoft and have to say this looks really cool and a game changer for sure.


I am grateful in that I always seem to be busy but then would you want to give a project to someone that never had any clients? "If you want something done, give it to a busy man"

If you are looking for some project assistance from a long established and successful software developer please get in touch:

Tim Titchmarsh

01621 835001